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goodness Me! chaga mushroom lecture

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  • john ward on

    Hello.i have been taking chaga for over a year on a daily basis as i have white birch on my property i harvest it by using an axe to chop out a cunk take it home and I bring it to a 30 secont boil to kill any other thing that maybe on it then drink it for many days .using a tea pot i leave it on the wood stove reheating it when ever i want it usually in the morning i have two to three mugs then go out and harvest my firewood ..I am 72 yrs old this yr and take no pills for anything except Vitimin D even though i spend most of my day outside .I live where the air is fresh and clean N.E.ON .Chaga gives me my ability to keep active for 8 hrs a day all though my Arthritis does hurt me chaga relives the soreness to some degree.I will always try to have a daily cup of Chaga .. dare to live free of pills ,it takes time the pain u get used to after a few weeks i feel pain in the body is a warning of over working the body as we age .No pills keeps our body ours not used a by the medical field as a experiment for this pill and that pill ,clean living ,good food , fresh air ,exercise ,sunshine . thanks for all the chaga growers ,i am my own an do things my way for my friends ..Chaga changes your stools to the good , good stools good body long and healthy ..cheers to us all !

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