Birch Fungus Chaga Offers Life Wisdom Back From The Cretaceous

The Ancient Wisdom of Chaga Mushroom and the Birch tree - chaga

Posted by Blair Kovacs on


Our awareness is increasing everyday about the natural healing miracles to be found in the forests. One such miracle is the ancient Birch Tree.

The Birch Tree has been dated in fossil form back to the Cretaceous period. It grows widespread over the northern hemisphere.  Almost every part of the Birch Tree has healing properties.  Ancient peoples have used the Birch Tree for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

This amazing conscious tree at the end of its life cycle forms a symbiotic relationship with the Chaga mushroom. The Chaga mushroom keeps the tree alive longer and the tree keeps the Chaga growing by sharing all its medicinal properties it has available.

The Chaga mushroom itself is slow growing condensing an amazing amount of medicinal properties into itself from the Birch Tree. The conscious relationship between these two incredible natural wonders is truly magical.  Both the Birch Tree and the Chaga Mushroom give of their lives selflessly so that the other can live.
These two incredible sacred beings who give selflessly so life can continue for others are deserving of our heart felt thanks and respect.  As conscious beings, we realize with humility the magnitude of this selfless process.

Intelligence is not based on how much knowledge we have; Intelligence is awareness and mindfulness of the intention we put forward in our lives which affect the lives of others. 
This is the noble ancient truth of the Birch Tree & The Chaga Mushroom