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It's Good For Me But What does Chaga Tea Taste Like?

Posted by Blair Kovacs on

Chaga should never taste bitter if it comes from the right source and is harvested and prepared correctly.  Learn why Chaga tastes like it does and why you should avoid Chaga that tastes bitter.

We have been accustomed to believe that if something is good for us, it's bound to taste awful, bitter and not very pleasant. Fortunately, that is NOT the case with Chaga Mushrooms.  Chaga, if taken from the correct species of living tree, should actually be very mild and sweet tasting.  

'Even after steeping for days, pure Chaga from Birch trees is always mild and earthy tasting and never bitter.' - Annanda Chaga

Chaga should never be taken from a dead tree, nor from other species other than white or golden Birch.  Chaga should also be dried quickly otherwise yeast, mold and mycotoxins form which can make chaga toxic, bitter and very unhealthy.  

'Moldy Chaga should never be acceptable'  - Annanda Chaga

If you are or currently consuming Chaga that tastes extremely bitter or disgusting you need to question what species of tree it came from, was it a living tree and was the Chaga safely and properly dried and prepared.  One can never really tell by looks alone.  Usually the taste is a good indicator of its source and quality.  Often chaga is compared to coffee and in fact it does look like dark rich coffee when brewed.  What does chaga tea taste like?  It tastes amazing!  Mild like a black tea with a hit of maple sweetness.  The long it is extracted the deep the flavour and medicinal potency.  If you need guidance on how to make chaga tea please refer to our chaga brewing guide.