GRATITUDE IS THE NEW ATTITUDE! Chaga Mushroom is King – Annanda Chaga Mushrooms


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So many of us have forgotten how to be grateful for the life we are living. We believe our lives would be better if only we could do this or have that!

Wishing our life away is a waste of time; it is not living at all!

It is amazing to develop an attitude of gratitude and watch our world change for the better immediately!

Start being grateful the moment you wake up in the morning; be grateful for waking up!

Take a moment to be grateful for all you have in your life what ever it may be!

The time we have to live is in the moment and we are our own choice makers! No one knows how long they will have the privilege to live this beautiful life, so be aware of your choices and take responsibility for them; be it positive or negative.

My back was injured quite badly when I was younger. I now have stenosis in my lower spine. I have made the choice to take no medications for the nerve pain I experience everyday. Instead I have chosen to eat a healthy diet, drink Chaga to help with inflammation in my body and stay at a healthy body weight. 

I choose to be grateful for all I can do such as walking, core building exercises and Tai Chi, rather than to focus on what I cannot do anymore.

With gratitude comes respect for being. When we make positive choices for our own lives, we become happier, kinder, compassionate and loving to ourselves, which carries forward to our family, friends and any other beings we share our path with along the way.