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Organic Chaga Mushroom Tea Concentrate - 1 Liter /32 fl.oz


Chaga Mushroom Tea Concentrate

Ready to Serve Wild Harvested Organic* Chaga Mushroom Tea is steeped for days in temperature controlled kettles.  Enjoy this chaga tea concentrate hot or cold!  Annanda Chaga Mushroom tea is unique with a deep, earthy, mild taste that is reminiscent of coffee with a hint of maple syrup or vanilla. 

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1000ml / 1 Liter - 32 fl. oz
BPA Free Spout bag can be reheated in microwave or immersed in hot water for 5-10 min. 
Keep unused portions refrigerated for up to 14 days.   Store in freezer for long term storage up to 6 months.


Organic Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga)
Natural Spring Water

Enjoy hot or cold.  Consume as is or dilute with 16oz of fresh water (or to taste).  

Recommended Dose:  
1 to 2 - 6oz cups per day
1000ml/32 oz bag will last 5 days (2 cups / day) or  8 days (diluted as noted above)

Ecocert Canada
Certified Organic by ECOCERT Canada

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