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Annanda Organic Chaga Mushroom Coffee - Sumatra Dark Roast

'There’s a whole lot of good in each cup of our chaga mushroom coffee.' - Annanda Chaga

A full bodied dark roasted coffee with sweet and spicy notes. Premium Sumatra coffee is combined with wild harvested organic Annanda Chaga Mushrooms. A unique and earthy flavor that is exceptionally smooth.  Using hot air to circulate the beans in its roasting chamber, results in a brighter, cleaner, and better-tasting coffee. The hot air removes all chaff released from the beans immediately, eliminating the potential addition of tarred or burnt flavours to the beans.  Annanda Chaga Sumtara Dark Roast coffee is Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada and 100% Fairtrade.

'We are 100% committed to Fair Trade; this allows farmers and workers in developing countries to make a better living through fair prices, community development and environmental stewardship.'  - Annanda Chaga

Fairtrade Certified, organic farming practices are one of the fastest-growing segments in agriculture. Organic farming protects the farmers, wildlife, water systems, you, and us, from harmful chemicals. Fairtrade helps farmers and their workers earn enough to improve the lives of their families and build healthier, more prosperous communities.

All of our coffees are Fairtrade Certified by Fairtrade Canada  who is a member of the Fairtrade International

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada