Organic Chaga, Reishi and Lion's Mane Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms for Health and Wellbeing

organic medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms Where to Buy Canadian Organic Quality

Annanda Chaga is a certified organic crop producer of Medicinal mushrooms.  Reishi and Lion's Mane mushrooms are cultivated in our organic facility year round in small batches.  Our mushrooms are grown on natural organic substrate materials native to each particular mushroom. 

Produced in our dairy free, soy free, nut free organic facility we produce the highest quality and potent organic mushroom ImmuniTea blends and mushrooms extracts

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Organic Wild Chaga Mushroom - Inonotus Obliquus

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada and is a member of Foodland Ontario Organics in partnership with the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Where Does our Chaga Come From?

Annanda Chaga mushrooms are wild harvested from the forests of North Western Ontario Canada.  Sustainable harvesting means we only take larger Chaga conks leaving small chaga to grow.  Always leaving some behind so that the host tree is not damaged in any way. 

Premium Quality Chaga - Lab Tested Safe 

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are laboratory tested for heavy metals and pesticides and 250 + different contaminants.

Annanda is your direct source to buy premium quality Canadian Chaga from Ontario Canada. 
Read all about the health benefits of Chaga mushroom and how to incorporate mushrooms into your diet. 

Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Reishi is a gorgeous and powerful medicinal mushroom. It has long been respected as a healer amongst the forest across the planet. It grows horizontally. It resembles an antler at first and, when it is time, will fan the tip of the antler out to create the ‘cap’ of the mushroom. All exempt the rim of the mushroom will change color to shades of yellow, orange, but mostly red. It will have a hardened surface that is glossy and deserves a second look.

Healers have long recognized this mushrooms ability to assist the immune system but now it is understood how this occurs physiologically.  It produces compounds that are antitumor/-bacterial/-viral. These compounds and others are immunostimulating and some compounds even enhance natural killer cells ability to fight cancerous cell proliferation. Reishi has potential to increase DNA and RNA synthesis, lower blood pressure, and enhance bone marrow growth. Triterpenes contained in reishi are anti-inflammatory and antitussive. It also is an antioxidant and therefore has the ability to scavenge free radicals.

Organic Reishi mushrooms have been used for millennia as a way to enforce and strengthen the immune system. Also used in cancer prevention, Reishi mushrooms appear to target various stages of cancer development. Chemotherapy and radiation patients using Reishi report lesser side effects and smoother post operation recovery.

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom:  Stress, anxiety, sleep, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, arthritis relief, kidney support, rejuvenating brain and connective tissue, increasing stamina, bronchitis, support heart health, improving chronic fatigue syndrome, topically for skin conditions (poison oak, poison ivy, skin cancer…) altitude sickness relief, allergies and inflammation reduction.

Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi are loaded with phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins.  Read more about the health benefits of Reishi mushroom in our informative blog

Organic Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus)

Annanda Lions Mane mushroom

Lion’s mane is a unique mushroom that does not grow like a classic stem and cap. This mysterious mushroom pokes out of cracks in conifer bark and resembles a white brain. The “brain” cortexes seem to morph into downward-facing, white teeth than cover the mushroom.

It is a tasty mushroom when fried with some butter or oil and has certain properties long sought to be medicine.  Past and current healers have believed it to aid in the health of the five internal organs. This mushroom promotes good digestion, vigor, and strength. It has also been proven that it can treat “ulcers, inflammation, and tumors of the alimentary canal.” Lion’s mane has been shown that it can inhibit some forms of cancer as well.

What seems to be most remarkable about this mushroom isn’t just that it looks like a brain but more interesting, this mushroom’s effect on the brain. Lion’s mane is a neurotropic on humans. This means that it affects our nervous system. However, this is not all. The mechanisms that lion’s mane effects in the nervous system creates neurological connections in our brain, similarly in the same fashion to Psilocybe cubensis only without trippy symptoms. The brain mushroom affects the brain. It has been shown to help with Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, cognitive function, and muscle memory.

It is believed that Lions Mane can help with the development and function of nerves and that it can protect nerves from being damaged.  Possible therapeutic and anti-carcinogenic application of Lions Mane mushroom is its influence on the digestive organs, including stomach, liver, intestine and colon. Water and ethanol extracts of lions mane have demonstrated an inhibitory effect on gastric, liver and colon cancer cells. Learn more about the Health Benefits of Lion's Mane Mushrooms in our informative Blog.