Annanda Chaga Customer Reviews Real Reviews From Real Customers

Annanda Chaga Customer Reviews

Chaga Reviews From Real Clients

Read chaga benefits testimonials about Annanda Chaga Mushroom products and how Chaga has helped hundreds of satisfied customers with their overall health and well being.  Chaga reviews from grateful and often overwhelmed customers show their appreciation and gratitude for how chaga benefits total life changes. 

Heather & Blair from Annanda Chaga hugging Birch Tree

Annanda Chaga is more than just a obvious source to buy chaga. In fact, Heather and Blair offer so much more.  Love.  Gratitude, Compassion.  States of being which we immerse ourselves and the mushrooms we harvest and grow to help others.  Customers often feel this 'connection' which they too help to pay it forward with kindness and continues to drive our passion to help others.  We invite everyone to spread Chaga tea health benefits and Chaga Mushroom Love and discover why Annanda Chaga is Canada's trusted source of chaga since 2012.   

Annanda truly means 'bliss'


"I have personally met and spoken to Blair and became clear to me that Chaga was more than a product they sold. They truly seemed to have a unique bond with it, and to the discerning eye (and perhaps heart) it is quite obvious that, rather than just simply sell it, they actually work in partnership with this beautiful fungus. They take it as their life purpose to provide mankind with pure Chaga Mushroom.  I truly believe this mindset allows for the harvesting of some of the best Chaga in the world."