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Annanda Chaga 3rd Party Lab Tested Safe Chaga Mushroom Processing

Lab tested safe chaga

Annanda Chaga is a wild harvester, processor and manufacture of Chaga Mushroom products certified organic by Ecocert Canada.  All of our products are processed and packaged in a nut free, dairy free, certified organic facility.

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are wild harvested from Canada and laboratory tested safe from heavy metals and pesticides.  Standards which meet or exceed all specifications within the monographs of the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada.  

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Feb 2022

Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada
Health Canada NPN#80064674

Annanda Chaga has partnered with some of Canada’s leading Natural Health Product manufacturers, consultants and analytical partners to offer a safe, sustainable and natural pure source of Chaga Mushroom products.  

Quality Assurance backed by Industry Leaders

  • Product safety standards are maintained with regular 3rd party laboratory testing and screening for pesticides and heavy metals.  
  • Working with leading Canadian food science labs to ensure top quality and safety for the consumer market
  • Organic Certification and quality assurance is maintained with Ecocert NOP, QAI International and USDA organic authorities
  • Product Research and Development with industry leaders specializing in regulatory consulting, clinical trials and product testing
  • Using the latest nutraceutical science extraction methods to offer the most available form of chaga extract on the market today

Certified Organic Chaga Mushrooms by Ecocert Canada

Annanda Chaga is certified Organic by Ecocert Canada to validate safe processing and ethical harvesting practices of our pure, raw, wild crafted Birch Chaga.  Only harvesting mature Chaga mushrooms leaving smaller chaga mushrooms to grow and continue the natural life cycle. 

Annanda Chaga is a family owned Canadian company that offers the highest quality Canadian Chaga Mushrooms from Northwestern Ontario. Maintaining responsible and sustainable harvesting techniques and helping to promote local Ontario Agriculture partnering with Foodland Ontario.  


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