Wild Chaga from Northwestern Ontario

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Annanda chaga wild harvests our chaga deep within the Boreal forests of Northwestern Ontario.  Boreal comes from the greek word “Boreas”, the North wind; the cold breath of the god Borealis.

Northern Canadian Chaga mushrooms

‘Within the Boreal forests the number of tree species is small; black and white spruce, balsam fir, white and yellow birch, aspen, and white cedar in the moist places and here and there a few larches and pine.  The spruce prevailing on the high lands and the birch and aspen near water, yet everywhere a certain proportion of each". J. Elliot Cabot 1850

Chaga Boreal Forest Blairish Azure

Chaga becomes much more potent in Northern climates where the Ontario winters stay well below -40 Celsius.  The secondary metabolites or phyto-nutrients are enhanced to much higher concentrations so chaga mushrooms coming from Northern Ontario are much more medicinal than those found within more southern areas around Canada.

Where to find Chaga Mushroom Ontario Canada

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Annanda Chaga Man

chaga Boreal Forest Heather

Coming from pristine old growth forests chaga mushrooms growth all year long for up to 20 years.  Harvesting sustainable means Annanda Chaga only takes larger chaga's always leaving some behind so that the host tree will continue to live and the chaga will re-grown. 

Chaga Man

Chaga Boreal Forest Old growth

Wild does not mean barbaric.   
Wild isn’t contrary to civilization.    
Wild just means living in nature.  
Defending what is wild, defending the forests is a little like defending my own history, my planet, my very home. 
The more I observe the wild world the more I understand it is the beacon I have lost sight of along my way.  
If I can learn to live in harmony with nature again, I shall once more become human for myself, for my fellows.
It is my own species that I will protect. 
This love for other living beings is within me, somewhere. 
It still speaks to the soul of the child I once was, it resounds in my heart when I feel the emptiness of death.   
So let us all open our eyes to the world and see it with respect.