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Annanda Mushroom ImmuniTea

Chaga - Reishi - Turkey Tail

Annanda Chaga ImmuniTea

Used since 3000 BCE, the medley of medicinal mushrooms and herbs chosen for our Annanda Chaga Mushroom ImmuniTea contain active compounds that protect and boost the immune system.  Inspiration for Annanda Chaga Mushroom ImmuniTea comes from those battling cancer.

'I have been doing this Annanda Chaga Tea for 2 months now since I completed immunotherapy cancer treatment for stage 4 cancer...I have renewed energy, sleep better and my condition is stable thanks to this great tea.. A must for all cancer patients!! ‘ - Jeanette 

 'My older Sister is dying of Pancreatic cancer.  She now is seeing a holistic herbalist. She gave her this tea.  I have struggled all my life with a bad immune system. I ordered Chaga tea and started drinking it twice a day on top of the tincture. One week into it, I am shocked how much better I feel.  I am about to order more so I do not run out...I am spreading the word on this product.  I have grown tired of being sick all the time and modern medicine. Thank you.' - Kathryn M. 

'I was diagnosed with stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma,and I am a great believer in "LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, LET THY MEDICINE BE THY FOOD!." I am always searching for natural remedies and one day I came across ANNANDA CHAGA.  The product is second to none and the kindness, encouragement and service really moved me!.  I will keep on using this amazing all natural poduct.  Not being able to find the right adjectives to describe my personal experience with Blair and family, I will just say "MAY GOD BE WITH THEM ALWAYS" - Mario 

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