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Annanda Chaga Mushrooms

Certified Organic Chaga

USDA Organic Canadian Organic  QAI International Lab Tested Safe Organic Council of Ontario   EcoCert Organic Foodland Ontario      

"WOW! The healing power of Chaga mushrooms!  This stuff is the real deal, possibly the best in Canada!  I get tons of energy from the tea I made. Will be buying regularly. Glad to get this true super food from true Canadian source!" - Daniel S.
"A healthier way to live!  This is a prime source of the finest chaga on the planet. Very affordable. A much healthier way to live. I will continue to buy from Annanda Chaga for years to come. Thank you. - Krieg K. Ontario
"This family owned business harvests naturally grown Chaga mushrooms, which has a host of health benefits. The medicinal benefits remain intact since the integrity of the mushrooms has not been altered in any way."- Donna S.  
Blair & Heather Annanda chaga
Blair & Heather - Annanda Chaga

"Nature has provided us with everything we need to be healthy.  I truly appreciate people who understand this and are doing their part to help heal our world. The family of Annanda Chaga are among those people."- Sandra N. Alberta Canada

"Your product truly matches your values in helping the great universe we are a part of."  - Cheryl C. Ontario Canada

Certified Organic Chaga