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Canada's Most Trusted Source of 'Premium' Chaga Mushrooms

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms
Lab Tested Safe

USDA OrganicQuality, integrity and customer service are a few of the reasons why Annanda Chaga is rated Canada's most trusted source of premium Chaga Mushrooms since 2012. Certified organic, 100% Canadian, sustainably harvested and lab tested safe.

Chaga Mushrooms Nature's Medicine
Certified Organic Chaga

Happy chagaAnnanda Chaga is a family owned Canadian company that is helping to spread awareness of this highly medicinal natural food and to offer the highest quality Canadian Chaga Mushrooms from Northwestern Ontario while maintaining responsible and sustainable harvesting techniques.  Learn more and discover The Truth About Chaga.

certified organic chaga mushrooms, chaga, chaga mushroom, chaga mushrooms, chaga teaEcocert Canada Annanda Chaga is certified Organic with Ecocert Canada to validate safe processing and ethical harvesting practices of our 100% pure, raw, wild crafted Birch Chaga.  Only harvesting mature Chaga mushrooms leaving smaller chaga mushrooms to grow and continue the natural life cycle. 

Lab tested safe chaga mushrooms, chaga, chaga mushrooms, chaga mushroomLaboratory tested safe for pesticides and heavy metals, Annanda Chaga meets or exceeds all specifications within the monographs of the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada.  Licensed under NPN's #80064678, #80064674

"I recommend and support Annanda Chaga because I trust and believe in the company and I do think it's the best, organic quality Chaga available-plus, it's local and I'm supporting an Ontario business which makes me feel ever so good! A business that is socially responsible!" - Natalia

Premium Quality Chaga Mushrooms 

Annanda Chaga Mushroom Products

Annanda Chaga has partnered with some of Canada’s leading Natural Health Product manufactures, consultants and analytical partners to offer a safe, sustainable and natural pure source of Chaga Mushroom products.  

Quality Assurance backed by Industry Leaders

  • Chaga Mushroom products are manufactured at NPN site licensed facilities involved in the Canadian Natural Health Products industry for the last 25 years.
  • Product safety standards are maintained with regular 3rd party laboratory testing and screening for pesticides and heavy metals.  
  • Working with leading Canadian food science labs to ensure top quality and safety for the consumer market
  • Organic Certification and quality assurance is maintained with Ecocert NOP, QAI International and USDA organic authorities
  • Product Research and Development with industry leaders specializing in regulatory consulting, clinical trials and product testing
  • Using the latest nutraceutical science extraction methods to offer the most available form of chaga extract on the market today

Chaga is a food and has been used as such for centuries, typically steeped in hot water as a tea to access the nutrients more readily.  Annanda Chaga offers a complete line of Chaga Mushroom Tea grinds so you can brew your own Chaga tea multiple times in order to take full advantage of the medicinal qualities of the mushroom.  Annanda Chaga only harvests wild living Chaga Mushrooms from Birch trees solely for their medicinal benefits. 

Annanda chaga mushroom TictureOur Dual Extracted 
Chaga Mushroom Tincture is made with the utmost level of quality and attention to detail. 100% Wild Crafted Canadian organic Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are tinctured in organic NON-GMO Ethanol for no less that one month to provide maximum bio-availability and extraction; combined with concentrated organic Chaga Mushroom Tea to offer a complete dual extraction method to our tincture so you get maximum benefit from our wild organic chaga.  Annanda Chaga Mushroom Tincture is powerful and can be taken directly under the tongue or added to any beverage. Quality of Assurance certificate available from our Health Canada site licensed manufacturing laboratory.   

Annanda Chaga believes that the Chaga Mushroom is truly a gift of nature to be enjoyed by all.  

"This family owned business harvests naturally grown Chaga mushrooms, which has a host of health benefits. The medicinal benefits remain intact since the integrity of the mushrooms has not been altered in any way." - Donna S. 

Certified Organic LogoLocal organic chagaUSDA Certified Organic
 Annanda Chaga is a proud member of the following associations

Toronto Vegetarian Association MemberMycological SocietyFoodland Ontario OrganicOntario Herbalist Association Buy Canadian First  The Big Carrot