Simplify Your Life Return to the Balance of Nature

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These days life seem to be moving so fast it can make your head spin.  I often think of a line from a movie I had seen, 'The world got itself in a damn hurry'.  I'm sure at times, you too imagine what it would be like to live a simpler life and have less stress?  But where to begin? 

It's up to each of us to become aware and reconnect with the natural world. The process begins with each of us doing an assessment of what is really important. I have found three things that are easy to embrace and have the greatest impact on helping to simplify your life and steer us back into the Balance of Nature.  

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Let Food be Thy Medicine

Blair and I have chosen to simplify many things in our lives.  Changing our diet has had a huge impact on our life.  Making healthier food choices, eating smaller portions and preparing meals using fresh natural ingredients. 

Taking time to prepare our own food is an act of self- love. It is a time to slow down our thoughts and be present in the moment. If we are cooking for family also, it becomes an act of kindness and love. 

Involving children in the preparation of meals is a wonderful shared time and prepares them for the future by teaching them valuable skills to care for themselves and Planet Earth at the same time. 

Many of the products Blair and I created over the years are a result of us having simplified our life and embracing natural products like chaga tea and medicines for improving our own health.  As you read our story and how we began Annanda Chaga you will learn that Chaga was at the forefront of our health recovery. 

We are now approaching our 10th anniversary!   We now grow and cultivate other medical mushrooms like Lion”s Mane, Reishi Mushrooms, and several medicinal mushroom ImmuniTea's which has helped us and so many others over the years.  

Declutter your Living Space

We have chosen to create a home environment that is both functional and represents who we are. Annanda Chaga log cabin

Simplifying your living space can be a wonderful process.  Having more room for energy to flow creates a lighter cleaner space; a space where we can breathe easier and want to spend more time in.

Try using natural fabrics and environment friendly products. Pick products that are handmade or created with natural materials. 

Keeping your living space clean and tidy helps to reduce clutter and stress.  Using natural products for cleaning keeps your space fresh and inviting.  White vinegar can be used for cleaning windows, floors, bathrooms, furniture and laundry. 

Involve your children in the cleaning of the living spaces in your home. It gives every family member a feeling of belonging and caring for each other. 

Be Your True Authentic Self

The more we journey thru life being our true authentic selves we can live in our natural state.  Don't lose sight of the fact that everything and everyone is connected.  We all need the same clean air to breathe and clean water to drink; Every being has the same basic needs fundamental to the survival of all species of life on planet Earth.

Heather Annanda Chaga embracing nature and life

One should also remain aware of the natural environment of Planet Earth is home to all of us. Without a healthy planet, no living being will be healthy, hence why there is so much mental and physical health issues.

That is why we decided to create Annanda Chaga Skin care products.  Our very own line of natural skin care products using all natural bio friendly ingredients.  Our hair and skin is healthier than it has ever been.

We also wanted to use natural products on our bodies such as mushroom soap, skin creams and body lotions.

So many people have been developing psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions as a result of exposure to chemicals and toxins, both from the environment and processed foods.  We stopped using cosmetics many years ago with sensitive skin we too would have allergic reactions to so many of the ingredients found in commercial products today. 

We wanted to share some the the ways we have simplified our lives in hopes of making life better for all living beings!  Remember, Annanda means 'bliss' which is what we wish for all and is the energy behind all that we do. 

Shared with Love,
Heather and Blair
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