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Annanda cultivates certified organic Trametes Versicolor in our facility year round in small batches. Our medicinal mushrooms are grown on natural substrate to produce the highest quality and potent Turkey Tail tea and Turkey Tail mushroom extract.

One of the most researched and highly regarded medicinal mushrooms, Turkey Tail or Coriolus Versicolor is known for the anti-cancer polysaccharide-k (PSK).

Turkey tail has been subject to medical research for several years and is considered one of the most favored medicinal mushrooms that supports the immune system and helps to fight colorectal and breast cancer.  Read more about the benefits of turkey tail mushrooms.  Turkey Tail side effects

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5 star review
"I purchased Turkey Tail for additional gut health/support so far I’m really loving my tinctures. I am also very happy to have found a Canadian company. Fast eco friendly shipping, well done!" - Tiffnay J.
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