Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits Review

Guide to Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits & Side Effects

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Trametes Versicolor also known as Coriolus versicolor is a fungus that grows in wooded areas on fallen or dead trees throughout North American and many other other countries. Turkey Tail mushroom has the appearance of a colorful turkey tail hence its more common name, the Turkey Tail Mushroom.

Traditional chinese medicine has known about turkey tail mushroom benefits for thousands of years. They frequently used Turkey Tail mushroom to treat respiratory conditions. Modern science also considers the coriolus mushroom to have medicinal benefit for our health.

It is currently undergoing trials at the University of California as a potential treatment for mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Read on to discover how to take advantage of turkey tail for your own health.

Boost The Immune System

Oxidative stress is a major cause of cellular damage in the body, which results in inflammation. It is caused by an imbalance of natural antioxidants and free radicals. The immune system must remove these radicals from the body, but it can struggle to function under stress.

The more stressed the body becomes, the more inflamed it gets, generating even more stress. The cycle continues making you feel unwell and extremely run down.

The turkey tail mushroom is rich in nutrients, including antioxidants such as phenol and flavonoid varieties.  Antioxidants can help restore balance, break the cycle, and reduce the inflammation in the body's systems.

The reduction of this stress and inflammation stimulates the immune system to release compounds that help protect the body from further attacks.

Studies show over 35 different antioxidant compounds in the composition of the turkey tail mushroom extract. They contribute to stimulating the body's immune system.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms are also rich in Krestin (PSK) and Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP). Two complex carbohydrates known for supporting immune function. These two compounds also have shown great potential in stimulating the body's response to fighting cancer.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Cancer | Potential To Fight Certain Cancers

The immune-boosting effect created by turkey tail mushrooms may play a crucial part in the body's ability to fight off certain cancers. Studies have shown that the mushroom can help reduce tumors' growth and inhibit the spread of cancerous cells.

A study in mice showed that the medicinal mushroom played a role in reducing the size of their tumors. Scientists gave them their body weight in a compound extracted from turkey tail mushrooms. They then witnessed the tumors reduce significantly over time.

A test-tube study resulted in inhibited cancer cell growth in samples who took Krestin (PSK).

Scientific reviews also say that PSK is a safe supplement for patients suffering from colorectal cancer and intestinal cancers. The reviewers suggest that taking turkey tail extract could increase survival rates. However, you should use this in conjunction with other traditional treatments like chemotherapy.

There was a similar small study with people who have breast cancer. It showed that those who took turkey tail supplements in conjunction with their chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatment experienced a boost in their immune responses.

Reviewers agreed that turkey tail supplements worked well as a complementary therapy for patients with breast and colon cancers.

beta glucan benefits, beta glucan in mushrooms
Turkey Tail contains beta glucans

Supports Natural Gut Biome

Your gut biome is one of the first lines of defense in your body's immune response. More studies are showing that a good gut biome filled will healthy gut bacteria, and flora is essential for continued good health. Gut health has also been linked to mental health and more studies are looking into whether improving our gut biome will also help fight conditions such as depression and anxiety.

PSP has shown in studies that it is an excellent natural prebiotic that helps stimulate the gut's natural flora and helps it grow. PSP is one of the key compounds found in the turkey tail mushroom and benefits for taking it as a daily supplement.

Good gut health is important throughout our digestive systems, not just in the stomach. Other studies have shown that PSP's influence over promoting good gut bacteria may extend all the way into the intestine and can help with overall gut health through the digestive system.

Helps Reduce Obesity

Studies into this area are still in the early stages, but the results are very promising. Turkey tail mushroom extracts given to mice on a high-fat diet have resulted in a reduced amount of weight gain. This suggests that, after additional studies, the mushroom could help prevent obesity in certain patients.

Healthy gut flora is also known as a means of maintaining a healthy weight. A happy gut makes fewer demands for nutrients and may help you to eat less during the day.

Taking turkey tail supplements has already shown other improvements in gut health. So, there is a lot of positive evidence to suggest that will assist patients in managing their obesity and appetite as well.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Dosage 

(Fruiting body, Mycelia, Cultured Mycelia)

Decoction: Up to 27 grams of turkey tail (dried)  per day 

Dry, Powder, tincture, fluid extract: Up to 5 g dried Turkey Tail per day 

Turkey Tail Mushroom Side Effects

Turkey tail is safe to ingest as a supplement for overall health. You should speak with your health professional before adding any new supplement to your diet.

There are reports of a few mild side effects when taking turkey tail mushrooms. Some reports suggest that it may cause bloating or some intestinal discomfort. This may be due to the prebiotic effect taking place and the changing flora within your gut biome. Bacterial die-off is also known for causing some intestinal problems.

Others have reported a slight discoloration or darkening of the fingernails.

You should limit your turkey tail mushroom dosage in the first instance until you are aware of any symptoms that affect you. Speak with a medical professional if you experience anything negative.

However, overall the safety profile of the turkey tail mushroom is good.

Enjoy Turkey Tail Benefits

Turkey tail is a tough, chewy mushroom and is not recommended as an edible or for adding to a cooked dish. The preferred way to take the supplement is either brewed into a tea or in liquid extract form.

There are studies and clinical trials ongoing into the health benefits of this incredible mushroom. The evidence suggests that it has excellent potential as a supplementary medicine.  Seek medical advice prior to taking mushrooms for special health conditions.

Turkey Tail Canada

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