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Annanda Organic Chaga - Reishi - Turkey Tail Mushroom ImmuniTea™ - CINNAMON GINGER


Chaga - Reishi - Turkey Tail Mushroom ImmuniTea™

Used for thousands of years, the medley of mushrooms and herbs chosen for this unique tea blend contain active compounds that protect and boost the immune system. Inspiration for this tea comes from the brave men and women battling cancer.

Great taste and feel some goodness happening!  Whoever put this blend together did a great thing for us, it is one I will continue to use for a long time!  Many blessings. - Gail M

Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms are one of the most researched turkey Tail mushroomand highly regarded medicinal mushrooms. Turkey Tail mushrooms are prized for their source of anti-cancer polysaccharide PSK. PSK is known to fight cancer and halt tumors by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and strengthening the immune system.

chaga mushroomOrganic Chaga Mushrooms are becoming increasingly known for their ability to inhibit tumor growth.  Chaga is rich in antioxidants like Beta Glucan and polysaccharides like Betulinic acid which aid in cell death within a tumor.  Chaga also helps to modulate the immune system and increase cellular energy and the growth of healthy cells.  Chaga is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral helping to reduce post operative infections by as much as 30%.

Benefits of Wild Chaga Mushroom:  Immune modulation, battling sun damage, pain relief, cancer treatment, removing certain parasites, anti-viral, detoxifying (blood and liver), balancing blood sugar, heart protective, bronchitis, improving circulation, intestinal protection, lowering cholesterol, chemotherapy & radiation  therapy protection.

reishi mushroomOrganic Reishi mushrooms
have been used for millennia as a way to enforce and strengthen the immune system. Also used in cancer prevention, Reishi mushrooms appear to target various stages of cancer development. Chemotherapy and radiation patients using Reishi report lesser side effects and smoother post operation recovery.

Benefits of Reishi Mushroom:  Stress, anxiety, sleep, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, arthritis relief, kidney support, rejuvenating brain and connective tissue, increasing stamina, bronchitis, support heart health, improving chronic fatigue syndrome, topically for skin conditions (poison oak, poison ivy, skin cancer…) altitude sickness relief, allergies and inflammation reduction.

astragalus Root
Organic Astragalus Root
is a powerful herb used to support immune function.  Currently, Astragalus is widely used for inflammation, stress, diabetes regulation and cardiovascular health.  In addition, research suggests that the herb may have anti-cancer properties.

Cinnamon, ginger root and cardamon are added to offer a unique and flavorful tea blend that is very soothing helping one to relax and heal with the very best medicinal mushrooms and herb blend.  

Steep Annanda Chaga Mushroom Immuni-Tea™ at lower temperatures 80C / 120F (do not boil) for 3-5 hours to make a healing tonic.  Re-steep 3 to 5 times.

70g / 2.5oz

immuniteaCertified Organic by Ecocert Canada
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