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Annanda Rewards Program

Automatically earn Annanda Loyalty Rewards every time you shop!  Get 5x Annanda Chunk Bucks for every $1 spent.  Redeem your chunk bucks for online discount codes towards your next purchase. 

You can save $5 up to $25 off your order! 

Refer A Friend Get $10 Off

Get your personal referral code and start referring friends and family giving them a $10 off discount.  When they sign up and place an order you will also get a $10 discount code.

Plus, there are easy ways to earn extra Annanda Chunk buck rewards by liking us on social, celebrating a birthday, or leaving us a review and more!

Manage Your Account and Redeem Rewards

You can easily manage your Annanda Rewards anytime by clicking on the rewards widget (bottom left corner of our webpage).

Manage Rewards 
Rewards Widget 

Simply provide your email to log in and see your current rewards balance and expirations.  See what rewards are available to you and how you can earn more points.

Use the rewards widget to redeem reward points into discount coupons. To redeem rewards for Free items browse to our Free Offers collection and add the item to your shopping cart. 

Apply the discount code provided after redeeming your points for a 100% discount on that item.

Get your personal referral link to share with family and friends or share on social.  Giving $10 discounts to friends and family gets you a $10 off coupon code every time they sign up and place an order.

Terms of Use

Annanda reward points are not transferable

Only 1 discount code can be applied per order

Reward points are automatically calculated and added to your account

Once points are redeemed they cannot be reversed back into reward points.

Reward points redeemed into discount codes must be used within 1 year.  An expiry notification email is sent 30 days and 3 days prior to their expiration.

Check your email junk or spam filter to make sure that your reward notifications are not being intercepted or perceived as junk mail.