Chaga Mushroom Cancer Treatment of Actinic Keratosis Case Study

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Annanda Chaga Case Studyactinic keratosis_beforeSolar Keratosis closeup Two weeks of chemotherapy cream Before Chaga Mushroom Treatment

73 year old man from Ontario Canada diagnosed with solar keratosis (SK) or Actinic Keratosis due to overexposure to the sun in his lifetime.  'SK’ is of medical concern because they can “statistically” develop into squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma as well as melanoma.  Affected areas include right and left forearms and chest.   

Due to the amount of SK present surgery was not an option so other as required.  Chemotherapy topical cream is usually prescribed and is to be applied on the affected areas for four weeks.  Two weeks into the application of chemotherapy cream there was no reduction of SK outbreaks and the skin began to burn and blister underneath.  The patient decides to abandon the prescribed treatment due to lack of results and believes that the condition is worsening.  The patient then began to use Chaga Mushroom to treat half of the afflicted areas.  After three days the areas treated with Chaga Mushroom began to heal, reducing and diminishing the SK outbreaks, as well as healing the blistering open sores apparently caused by the chemotherapy cream topical treatment.   The patient then decides to abandon the prescribed chemotherapy cream altogether and begins using chaga mushroom on all areas affected with SK.    

Chaga Skin Balm treatment resultsSolar Keratosis closeup - After 3 days of Chaga Mushroom Treatment

Chemotherapy Cream Treatment & Patient Observations:  
Left Arm Day(s)1- 14

Topical cream (chemotherapy) was prescribed by family physician to be applied to affected areas twice a day for four weeks. 

Annanda Chaga Case Study_actinic keratosis treatment day 3
Both forearms equally affected by SK  
(Left Arm) - After two weeks of Chemotherapy Cream 
(Right Arm) 3 days of Chaga Mushroom Treatment 


  • Left arm shows the affects of two weeks treatment of chemo cream after which patient stopped the treatment

"The pain was like a third degree burn.  The skin blistered and oozed serum from below."

  • Sleep disruption to extreme pain – in order to get any rest patient began taking multiple Tylenol's with codeine and antihistamines.
  • Patient’s pharmacist was shocked and said this was a major allergic reaction and chemo cream treatment should be stopped.

"Apparently this is a normal response to the use of this type of chemotherapy cream if the patient doesn’t go into anaphylactic shock and require hospitalization or develop an infection requiring antibiotics."

  • Patients family doctor said this was a normal reaction and that the only options would be ongoing surgery (cut it out) or chemotherapy.

Chest & Sternum Area 

"Multiple SK’s itchy as H#&@ . Living with it." 

  • Patient refuses to use topical chemotherapy on the chest area due to unresponsiveness and lack of results on treated left arm.
  • Biopsied squamous cell carcinoma detected on chest.

5 day chestChest Outbreak of SK before any treatment

Biopsied squamous cell carcinoma found 
(white spot on chest)

Chaga Mushroom Treatment & Patient Observations:
Right Arm Day(s) 1-3

  • Patient begins treatment of 3 glasses of well extracted Chaga Tea per day.
  • Homogenized in a blender the remainder of extracted Chaga Chunks and distilled water, patient makes a Chaga mushroom paste to be applied to right arm (equally diseased with SK) and covered it with a clean white sock, soaked the sock with extracted Chaga mushroom Tea and encased the arm in a plastic bag taped closed for about twelve hours. 

“My family doctor specialized in dermatology. In my opinion she is a bounty hunter for skin defects. We have an ongoing bet; my right arm (chaga treated) vs left arm (chemo cream). She lives by one book (medicine) and does not accept natural science.”

  • The Application and treatment of chaga mushroom was repeated a total of three times.
  • After three days the right arm is baby smooth, still a bit itchy, but no erupting SK’s. 

Right & Left Forearms - Day(s) 4-5

  • Patient begins treatment of Chaga Mushroom Skin Balm on all affected areas.  
  • Applied twice daily to left and right forearms arm and chest.  
  • Chemotherapy topical cream therapy is abandoned.  
Day 5 Left forearm
(Left Forearm) - Chaga Mushroom Treatment Day 5
 5 day right arm
Right Forearm (above)- Chaga Mushroom treatment day 5 

Right arm close to normal appearance, no more swelling, no more rough texture, no more itching.

Right & Left Forearms & Chest – Day 8

day 8 left armLeft Forearm - Day 8  Fast Healing with Chaga Mushroom

Deep scar on left arm almost gone

day 8 right forearmRight Forearm - Day 8 visible results with Chaga Mushroom 


day 8 chestChest Area -Day 8 

Client cancels scheduled surgery on chest area, SK Visibly reduced



This case study is an account of one persons own personal experience with diagnosis, treatment and self application of natural and prescribed treatments.  Depicted and known here as 'the patient'.  

Annanda Chaga makes no claims nor opinion of the events or prescribed diagnosis in the use of any or all of our products expressed or implied in this case study.   

This case study is shared with gratitude, with expressed permission by 'the patient' for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease or condition.