Truth About Chaga Extraction and Why Most Chaga Capsules are Fake

Chaga Mushroom Capsules waste of moneyMedicinal mushrooms need to be extracted in order for your body to absorb the nutrition and therapeutic qualities inside.   Mushroom cells are made of chitin, the same material that protects insects, lobsters and crabs.  Chitin is the hardest all-natural material known to man. Locked inside the walls of the chitin cell-walls are the bio-active components that heal us.  

Humans cannot digest chitin properly; the enzyme chitinase, is needed to break down chitin. Otherwise to benefit from the therapeutic effects of chaga and other medicinal mushrooms you need to dissolve or break open the chitin to get at the goodness inside.
Traditional means of extraction over the centuries has been hot water extraction or steeping chaga in alcohol.  

This is why most capsules on the market today that offer chaga in capsule form are a waste of money simply because your body cannot break down the chitin to absorb the bio-activie ingredients inside. 

Truth About Extracted Chaga Powder, 'Instant' Chaga powder.  When we fall prey to convenience we often overlook or dismiss a harsher truth; are we sacrificing quality for convenience? 

Annanda Chaga Tincture is manufactured using raw certified organic chaga that is dual extracted, steeped in organic non-gmo ethanol at higher temperatures; combined with concentrated hot water chaga tea extract.  Combined to offer the most complete bio-available form of medicinal Chaga on the market today.  With the chitin removed all of the active ingredients within Chaga can be absorbed.  Health Canada approved with NPN registration and valid Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Annanda Chaga Mushroom Tea, powder and chunks are Raw organically certified Canadian chaga.  Steeped at lower temperatures for several hours to extract and dissolve the chitin in the traditional way.

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