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Annanda Chaga Soap - Shampoo Bar Soap

Annanda Chaga Soap

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Chaga Shampoo Bar Soap
| All Natural | Handmade |

Our Natural Chaga Mushroom Shampoo Bar is VEGAN, CHEMICAL FREE and GLUTEN FREE.

We use only the best and purest plant based ingredients for our Chaga Mushroom Natural Shampoo Bars. They will  gently cleanse and condition your hair and give it healthy, luminous look.

The earthy, fresh and invigorating scent of this Chaga Mushroom Shampoo Bar comes from pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils and Chaga Mushroom essence.  

Pure wild harvested Chaga Mushroom awaken your senses and also heal and nourish your skin and hair. 

Handmade, one batch at a time from all vegetable ingredients, including Raw wild Annanda Chaga Mushroom with absolutely no animal products.

The combination of oils, butters and wildcrafted Chaga Mushrooms makes this shampoo soap both a mild cleanser and nourishing healing treatment for your hair and scalp.


  • Thoroughly wet hair  
  • Rub soap bar directly onto hair
  • Massage scalp until lather forms
  • Rinse and repeat as desired

 Learn how we make Chaga Mushroom Shampoo soap