Annanda Chaga Mushroom Coffee with Mug

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms

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Chaga Mushroom Coffee with Mug

Fair Trade Arabica coffee blended with 20% organic Canadian Chaga Mushroom. 

Your choice of a full bodied Sumatra dark roast coffee with sweet and spicy notes or a nutty low-acid coffee with exclusive Annanda Chaga heart felt coffee mug!

Sumatra Dark Roast

Premium Sumatra coffee is combined with wild harvested organic Annanda Chaga Mushrooms. A unique and earthy flavor that is exceptionally smooth.  Using hot air to circulate the beans in its roasting chamber, results in a brighter, cleaner, and better-tasting coffee. The hot air removes all chaff released from the beans immediately, eliminating the potential addition of tarred or burnt flavours to the beans.  Annanda Chaga Sumtara Dark Roast coffee is Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada and 100% Fairtrade.

Arabica Monsooned Low Acid Coffee

An amazingly smooth coffee with no stomach upset.  We roast our beans lightly to produce a beautiful deep and nutty flavour, making sure the unique flavour of the beans is fully exposed and not lost to "roast".

Annanda Chaga Heartfelt Coffee Mug

11oz capacity, microwave safe
Perfect compliment for Annanda Chaga coffee or Tea