Chaga Kombucha Featuring Organic Annanda Chaga

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Chaga Kombucha

Enjoy Live Kombucha's newest flavour Chaga Komb featuring organic Annanda Chaga.  Available at fine retailers throughout Ontario Canada.  Visit the Live Kombucha website for details.

chaga kombucha

Here is a delicious recipe for kombucha flavoured with chaga and honey, a delicious fermented drink with a slightly sweet, woody taste.

After fruits and plants, why not flavour your kombucha… with a mushroom? No, we are not saying that kombucha is a mushroom. Also, we are not suggesting making a chanterelle or morel kombucha (although…) but to use a fascinating boreal mushroom: the chaga!

Chaga grows in birch forests of Canada. However, it can be found in many northern regions around the world. It has been consumed for hundreds of years in Russia for its therapeutic properties. It has impressive concentrations of antioxidants.

Its aspect may seem strange and it looks like a burnt stump on the tree! For consumption, it is found in the shape of small, dark, hardened nuggets, with brown and ochre tones.

Don’t be fooled by its burnt appearance! Chaga decoction has a woody, earthy taste with a slightly sweet finish. It can be reminiscent of coffee, without its bitterness. It also has mild aromas of maple or birch syrup.

In this recipe, the deep taste of the chaga is extracted through a long decoction. All the flavours are extracted from the small chaga nuggets. The earthy taste is counterbalanced by the honey to create a well-rounded and tasty kombucha. A must try!