Natural Minerals Found In Chaga Mushroom - Chaga Nutrients

Chaga Nutrients

Chaga is very rich in a host of trace minerals.
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Mineral ppm
Calcium 1100
Copper 2.8
Iron 8.9
Magnesium 1000
Manganese 320
Molybdenum 0.079
Phosphorus 150
Potassium 51000
Selenium 0.011
Sodium 50
Sulfur 190
Zinc 69

100g sample - *Analysis by ICP Feb 2020  

Mushrooms have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Wild mushrooms were used by the ancient Greeks to provide strength for warriors in battle. Mushrooms were considered 'Food of the Gods' by Ancient Romans. The Chinese culture has treasured mushrooms as an “elixir of life.”

Traditional Chinese medicine continues to highly value medicinal mushrooms.

Mushrooms are considered a vegetable when it comes to dietary recommendations, but they are actually neither a plant nor animal. They belong to the fungal kingdom, and have several key differences that distinguish them from plants and animals. For example, unlike plants and animals, fungi have no chlorophyll and exist on decaying material.

Yet fungi have received only a small fraction of the attention they deserve.

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