Annanda Chaga - Heather and Blair Radio Interview about Chaga

Listen | Radio Interview about Chaga

Cathy Baise Bsc Certified Professional Cancer Coach speaks with Blair & Heather about the Chaga Mushroom.

'Jump to 10:28, that's when the action starts. "What is a mushroom?" Wow. Priceless.' - Steven M.

Annanda Chaga is a certified organic crop producer of Medicinal mushrooms.  Reishi, Turkey Tail and Lion's Mane mushrooms are cultivated in our organic facility year round in small batches.  Our mushrooms are grown on natural organic substrate materials native to each particular mushroom. 

Produced in our dairy free, soy free, nut free organic facility we produce the highest quality and potent organic mushroom ImmuniTea blends and mushrooms extracts

Organic Wild Chaga Mushroom - Inonotus Obliquus

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada and is a member of Foodland Ontario Organics in partnership with the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Where Does our Chaga Come From?

Annanda Chaga mushrooms are wild harvested from the forests of North Western Ontario Canada.  Sustainable harvesting means we only take larger Chaga conks leaving small chaga to grow.  Always leaving some behind so that the host tree is not damaged in any way. 

Premium Quality Chaga - Lab Tested Safe 

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms are laboratory tested for heavy metals and pesticides and 250 + different contaminants.