Annanda Organic Chaga Powder - 113g/4oz

Annanda Chaga Powder

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Wild Chaga Mushroom Powder
Canadian - Lab Tested - Organic

Certified Organic chaga powder - Annanda Chaga powder


Annanda Organic Chaga Powder is made from chaga, a birch tree mushroom prized for its medicinal properties. Studies have shown it can help reduce inflammation, making it perfect for harvesting chaga in colder months when trees are more vulnerable to the elements. Try this organic powder to reap its beneficial effects.

  • Canadian chaga mushrooms
  • Raw unprocessed Chaga
  • Premium Quality
  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • Certified Organic*
  • Ontario Foodland Organics Certified
  • Lab tested safe
  • Harvested Sustainable
  • Hand Picked Air Dried
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Micro Screened
  • 100% RAW - NO-FILLERS
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Organic* chaga Inonotus Obliquus, (wild harvested Canadian chaga)

*Certified organic by Ecocert Canada

Allergy Alert 

Chaga mushroom grows on Birch trees in cold climates.  Do not consume if you are allergic to Birch.

Health Benefits of chaga mushrooms 

Annanda Organic Chaga Powder is made from birch trees found in cold climates and contains powerful polysaccharides to help reduce the effects of chronic inflammation.

It is 100% premium wild chaga, ethically-harvested and triple-tested for safety and potency. Use this all-natural powder to fight inflammation and enjoy better health.

High in antioxidants chaga mushroom inonotus obliquus contains powerful polysaccharides that have been known to reduce inflammation, fight cancer cells, support blood cells and help support healthy immune system functions.

The mushroom helps to lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels while reducing “bad” cholesterol and may contribute to the prevention of heart disease and other illnesses.

Annanda Chaga powder has virtually no side effects and provides numerous health benefits, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

Try Annanda Chaga chunks or Annanda chaga extract as other means of water soluble extractions of this amazing mushroom. 

Cautions & Warnings

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, using blood thinning medication or herbal products.  

Statements have not be rated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Consult a health care practitioner prior to consuming chaga if planning to use for any medical condition.