Annanda Chaga Mushrooms - About us

Annanda Chaga Mushrooms - About us

Annanda = An(movement, breath, intention) |  nan(nanny, mother, Gaia) | da(offering, to give back)

blair and heather annanda chaga musrhoom
A Canadian Owned and family operated business in North Western Ontario Canada. Blair & Heather have been offering sustainable Organic Wild Harvested Canadian Chaga Mushrooms since 2012. 


Blair was suffering from severe anxiety, depression, heavy metal poisoning and gastrointestinal disease. Even after repeated tests, ultrasounds, scopes, and endless blood work doctor's still failed to identify the root cause of his afflictions.
annanda chaga blairRefusing to take conflicting prescription medication which was causing more side effects and complications, and also revealed to ultimately cause cancer with long-term use, Blair kept persisting with requests for a more holistic means of treatment.  Upon receiving a registered letter from his family doctor that he was no longer a patient, Blair felt abandoned by western medicine.  

Exhausted and deflated Blair discovered the ability to heal himself with meditation, Tai Chi and the amazing Chaga Mushroom.  Astounded by the dramatic results, Blair shared his insights and experience with friends and family who also experienced profound results. 

Blair is now free of all prescription medications and no longer suffers from peptic ulcers, anxiety attacks, stress & depression. His loving wife Heather no longer needs medication for blood pressure, acid re-flux or arthritis. Time and time again, we share our story with others so they can also experience the healing affects of Chaga Mushrooms.

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Heather has lived most of her life in far Northwestern Ontario and has always found sanctuary in Nature, as her home life was very stressful.

One day, Heather gave herself permission to leave such a stressful situation and met Blair.  Heather was suffering from high blood pressure, Arthritis and digestive disorders.  After taking Chaga mushroom daily in tincture and tea form, in as little as 6 months Heather no longer needed to take prescription medications of any kind; The chronic conditions which had plagued her most of her adult life seemed to just fade away.

Heather also noticed she no longer experienced the Arthritic flare ups in her fingers and toes which had plagued her every spring and autumn.  The arthritic inflammation too was gone!

Heather became aware of a clarity of mind as Chaga Mushroom has been known to help stimulate the Pineal Gland.  Chaga mushroom helped her to live in each moment in the now, instead of her haunted past.  

Today Blair and Heather live each day with love and integrity and feel humbly blessed to share the amazing spirit of Chaga with others.

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Annanda Chaga is Pure Chaga

"I have personally met and spoken to Blair and Heather a few times at the Waldorf Village Market in Thornhill, Ontario and they left a lasting impression on me, not only because of the wonderful human beings that they are, but also because of how sincere they are in what they do. In our conversations, it became clear to me that Chaga was more than a product they sold. They truly seemed to have a unique bond with it, and to the discerning eye (and perhaps heart) it is quite obvious that, rather than just simply sell it, they actually work in partnership with this beautiful fungus. They take it as their life purpose to provide mankind with pure Chaga Mushroom, allowed to grow and mature in an environment of love and care to benefit those who are fortunate enough to receive it. I truly believe this mindset allows for the harvesting of some of the best Chaga in the world. 

Although I have known about Annanda Chaga (and Chaga in general) for almost four years, I have only just recently started using it, and with great effect. I am working better and sleeping better. What more could one ask for? :) 

I would not touch any other Chaga except for Annanda Chaga. And I say this with complete honesty. You have to truly understand and be one with your purpose, as Blair and Heather are, to bring Chaga of such excellent quality to the world. And that is a rare thing; much like the King of Mushrooms itself." - Muhammad Z.  Toronto Ont.

"I was introduced to Annanda Chaga Mushrooms at a Vegan Fair in Toronto a few years ago and met the owner who was more than happy to explain not only what this amazing mushroom was and it's benefits, but how sustainable harvesting is key to the continual availability and integrity of this precious healing gift from nature. Soon after, I began to research all about this "King" of the mushrooms and met other Chaga suppliers/sellers in the process. I asked a lot of questions and quickly realized that quality and ethics is very important to not only my own value system, but the integrity of the medicine itself. 

After trying Annanda Chaga tea, I will only order from this Canadian company. I drink it every day, throughout the day and it's replaced coffee and tea for me. A little goes a long way, and I use the old grounds to make my own facials as every bit is powerful. I love the taste just as it is, earthy and lovely, and I feel good drinking it knowing it's doing it's "thing" in my body, as my body needs it'  - Natalia   

Annanda Chaga Love

"THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!"  "I was diagnosed with stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma and I am a great believer in LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE, LET THY MEDICINE BE THY FOOD!   I am always searching for natural remedies and one day THANK GOD I came across ANNANDA CHAGA- The product is second to NONE and the kindness, encouragement and service really moved me!  I will keep on using this amazing ALL NATURAL product; not being able to find the right adjectives to describe my personal experience with Blair and family I will just say MAY GOD BE WITH THEM ALWAYS" -  - Mario Barrie, Ontario 

Blair Annanda Chaga
Heather Tree Hug
Local Canadian Chaga MushroomsAnnanda Chaga is a small family owned and operated company in Northwestern Ontario Canada. We believe that the Chaga Mushroom is truly a gift of nature to be enjoyed by all.  We hand pick, clean & sort and air-dry our wild harvested Chaga Mushrooms with loving care. Inspired by his own health recovery and that of his wife Heather and immediate friends and family, Blair started Annanda Chaga to bring an honest and pure Canadian source of this precious gift of nature to help others.
Annanda Chaga Tree harvest 

Annanda Chaga aims to de-mystify and inform people about the amazing healing benefits of this highly medicinal mushroom wild harvested from deep within the forests of Northwestern Ontario Canada. Only harvesting the correct type of mature Chaga and always leaving some behind so the mushroom can re-grow is paramount to help this gift of nature to continue to prosper for generations to come. Blair shares his experiences and tells 'The Truth About Chaga'.

Annanda Chaga invites you to honor, love yourself and discover why you, your friends and your family should be drinking Chaga Mushroom Tea every day.

Organic Certification

Annanda Chaga is a wild harvester, processor and manufacture of Chaga Mushroom products certified by Ecocert Canada.  All of our medicinal mushrooms are wild harvested from Canada and laboratory tested safe from heavy metals and pesticides.  All of our products are processed and packaged in our nut free, dairy free, organic facility.