Chaga 2 Go - How to Make Chaga Tea, Tips For The Busy Brewer

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Don't fall prey to 'Instant' or 'extracted' Chaga powder.  You can still get your Chaga On even when time is a constraint.

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The further we stray from the balance of nature, for the sake of convenience, the more out of balance we become.  Working with mushrooms in there natural state, making your own mushroom tea, where you control the temperature and take the time, the care and attention to detail.  Only then do we begin to appreciate that we are not just making a healing tonic, but are in fact creating our own modern day version of a healing ritual.  A sacred act which, as our ancestors can attest, is the only way we can truly heal ourselves.  

Tips for Brewing Chaga When your Too Busy to Brew

  • Brew chaga in larger batches weekly, keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
  • Slow cooker Method- brew overnight / ready the next morning
  • Chaga 2 Go - Annanda Chaga powder steep in hot water thermos or portable bodum and take with you.
  • Annanda Chaga Tincture - Dual hot water / alcohol extraction ready to use liquid
  • Chaga Power - Fine Grind - 1/2 tsp to 1 cup of boiled water / steep for 10 min
  • Annanda Chaga Mushroom Concentrate - Extracted Annanda Chaga tea ready to serve.  Available from 500ml to 20 Litres in size.  Store in fridge or deep freezer for long term storage.  No more excuses!
  • Add chaga to bone broth, soups or stews or other dishes that simmer at lower temps
  • Don't fall prey to 'Instant' chaga or 'extracted' powders or chaga in capsule form. Compromising quality for convenience 

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Annanda chaga wild harvests chaga mushroom from Northwestern Ontario Canada.  Offering pure organic chaga milled into chaga tea, chaga powder, or chaga chunks.  Learn more about all of our organic mushrooms including Lions mane, turkey tail and Reishi cultivated with love and respect for nature.  

Learn how to properly brew and extract chaga with our complete on-line brewing guide.  

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