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In 1951 Johanna Budwig, one of Germany's leading scientists, discovered flax seed oil with low fat cottage cheese, a raw organic diet, mild exercise, and the healing powers of the sun can not only halt but cure Cancer.

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Johanna Budwig (1908-2003) who was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times was one of Germany's leading scientists of the 20th Century, a biochemist and Cancer specialist with a special interest in essential fats. Otto Warburg proved that prime cause of cancer oxygen-deficiency in the cells. In absence of oxygen cells ferment glucose to produce energy, lactic acid is formed as a byproduct of fermentation. He postulated that sulfur containing protein and some unknown fat is required to attract oxygen in the cell. In 1951 Dr. Budwig developed Paper Chromatography to identify fats. With this technique she proved that electron...

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