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Chaga and Kidney Stones - Oxalates in Chaga Mushroom potential health concern for those with kidney stones or osteoporosis

chaga dosage chaga side effects kidney stones osteoporosis Oxalates

Sources report that Chaga has high oxalate levels, most cultivated mushroom species are low, but 90% are insoluble.

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8 ways to create good vibes during Covid-19

COVID-19 good vibes

Help cope with Covid-19 learn the 8 Domains of Well Being. 

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Chaga Mushroom stimulates cognitive functions and helps to improve memory and learning - Japan Study reveals

Study from Japan expands upon Chaga's ability to stimulate higher brain functions.

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Chaga Mushroom - A Medical Marvel and nature's natural antioxidant, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer wonder of the 21st Century.

anti-cancer anti-inflammatory medicinal mushrooms secondary metabolites traditional medicine

Chaga has been found to contain a host of pharmacologically active compounds that beneficially affect human health

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Mushrooms are natures natural source of Vitamin D that help protect against viruses and strengthens Immune health

corona virus COVID-19 mushrooms vitamin d

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